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Felicia Davis & The Black Women’s Collective presents…

A One-Day Leadership Accelerator for Black Women Uniquely Designed To Help You Brand Your Brilliance, Revolutionize the Way You Lead and Amplify Your Vision, Voice & Visibility!


The Black Women Elevate Experience is a fun, experiential and engaging day of deep thinking and transformational dialogue that’s equal parts Heart + Strategy. It’s designed to spur action and inspire you to say, “What if…?”

It’s perfect for you if…

The Double-Bind Dilemma for Black Women is Real. 
I’m On a Mission to Change That!

As a former HR Executive and Black woman who had the advantage of sitting on both sides of the table, I know that we love the idea of being recognized as leaders but unfortunately, we aren’t invited into enough of the right rooms that teach us the real mechanics of being a leader of impact and influence…one that transforms hearts, minds and the bottom line.  ELEVATE is that room!

The reality is that we are now living in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) environment where leaders are faced with complex challenges with no clear-cut answers or precedent to assist them in finding solutions. This requires a different and more agile form of leadership that we must be ready to step into. Couple this with the fact that despite being one of the most ambitious and highly-educated demographic of women, 44% of Black women feel that their career is stalled. This may very well have something to do with the reality that on average Black women earn 37% less than men AND we very often lack the comfortable, trusted, strategic relationships necessary to ascend to higher levels within the organization. This is a universal issue for most Black women – both employees and entrepreneurs.

At Black Women Elevate, I’m going to introduce you to my proprietary leadership branding process where you’ll learn EXACTLY what it takes to create a compelling leadership brand that prevents commodity treatment and sets you up to win…no matter what.

I’ll walk you through it step-by-step so that you leave with a 90-day activation plan in hand.

3 Reasons why The Black Women Elevate Experience is the single most important event you’ll attend all year…

I’m committed to delivering an intentional, power-packed experience that will allow you to reflect and renew with an unstoppable spirit that gets you charged up and ready for YOUR next! It doesn’t matter if  you’re an employee or entrepreneur, as long as you’re ready to expand and level-up, Black Women Elevate Experience is for you. When you say yes, we’re committed to delivering on these three promises:


Felicia’s programs pack a powerful punch! Working with her, I’ve learned that leaders must continually dig deep, remove baggage and maintain self-wareness if they plan to grow. To grow my business and my brand requires that I must first grow myself. I’m applying everything and I recently published my first book AND received a 15% pay raise and a title change a work

Tonika Breeden

After working with Felicia, I can honestly say that I am free from fear of rejection and self-doubt, I am a woman with clarity and purpose and I have regained my focus. I’m so glad I made the decision to enroll and I’m excited that I have my notebook to reference as I will be incorporating all of the principles I’ve learned.

Tafeni English

“I’m fired up and ready to go! Thank you Felicia for the depth of this experience. I was a little resistant at the start of the program as I thought “Why is she asking so many questions? However, the exercise from Day 4 made it all real as it influenced how I showed up for a meeting with senior leaders. I left the office thinking, “What Felicia trying to do to me? Make me great or something

Kimberly Clark

Felicia is one of the most empathetic mentors and coaches with whom I have ever worked. She has challenged me and helped me actually see transformation at a critical, pivotal point in my life.

Donna Marie Johnson

In order for us to get paid for the full value of our contribution, there is a triple bottom line that must be met and it’s deeply hinged in our:


Our Reputation gets us access…

Our Relationships expand access…

Our Results get us paid well and positions us to ascend at an accelerated pace!

The most successful companies in the world from Amazon, Unilever and BMW to LinkedIn, FedEx & BlackRock are embedding leadership programs to elevate the awareness and creative capacity of their senior leadership.

More than 1,500 global CEO’s say developing leadership talent is their most significant capabilities challenge.* 77% of CEO’s are concerned if their organizations are keeping up with change while 99% of CEO’S report actively investing in developing existing and future leadership talent.** 

All of this is great news, but if Black women do not have the right strategic relationships, it’s impossible to be a part of the chosen few who get tapped for these leadership development opportunities.  It’s this reality that messes with our psyche and causes us to worry incessantly about some of the exact challenges that Black Women ELEVATE addresses. We must be able to confidently and competently navigate through six shifts that will position us to be noticed, known and called upon for the projects we most desire.

*source: IBM 2010 Global CEO Study.     **source: KPMG 2016 CEO Study.

I’ve purposefully curated an agenda designed to guide you to breakthrough results in the following four areas:

Elevate Your Vision

In this session, you will learn

  • How to get laser-focused and crystal clear on the Vision for your future
  • The power of having an amplified Vision that positions you as a leader of substance
  • The #1 mistake to avoid when developing your Vision
  • What’s possible when you move into expansive thinking
  • How to craft a compelling Vision statement

Elevate Your Voice

In this session, you will learn

  • What it means to have the voice of a thought-leader
  • The 3 mental blocks you must clear before you can own the power of your voice
  • How to crack your Honor Code and lead with radical integrity
  • The importance of placing a vocal stake in the ground in a way that positions your expertise
  • How to craft a narrative that becomes your guidepost for what you are a stand for

Elevate Your Visibility

In this session, you will learn

  • The six levels of strategic visibility
  • How to establish and activate your thought-leader platform
  • How to become a highly visible and valued strategic voice in your industry
  • How to cultivate marketplace influence through your leadership imprint
  • How to develop a 90-day strategic visibility campaign that elevates you to your next level of ascension

Elevate Your Connections

In this session, you will learn

  • The four things that must be present to develop sustainable relationships of substance
  • The six types of relationships you must have to become a legacy leader of impact and influence
  • How to develop relational capital in a way that creates brand ambassadors
  • How to forever eliminate commodity treatment with my ‘Conversations That Matter’ template
  • Smart and savvy keep in touch strategies that build meaningful relationships

We’ll wrap up the day with an invitation for you to continue your leadership journey with us through our monthly Masterclasses as a member of The Black Women’s Elevation Circle!


How Our Time Together Unfolds…

Registration & Networking
(30 minutes)

Black Women ELEVATE Power Talks
Black Women ELEVATE Workshop


(5 hours)

Signature Elevation Reception
(1 hour)

Saturday, February 24th

*Gorgeous view off the golf course*


Los Angeles
Saturday, April 21st

1:30pm – 7:30pm

*Beautiful beachfront location*


San Diego 
Saturday, April 28th

2pm – 8pm

*Beautiful beachfront location*


Saturday, May 12th


*Gorgeous 5 star hotel in Mid-town*


Oakland, Las Vegas, Dallas & New York

Be Notified When Exact Dates Are Confirmed

Are You Really Ready to Revolutionize the Way You Lead?

Every decision you make ultimately comes down to how you want to feel. So my question for you is…

How do you really want to feel as a Black woman leader in 2018?

In your heart, your body, your life…
• When you wake up in the morning…
• When you share your truth…
• When you say Yes AND No…
• When you consciously decide how you’re going to show up and lead?

This is your moment to boldly create what you desire by saying Yes to yourself! As a Black woman leader, you can no longer risk being seen as an easily replaced commodity. You MUST stand out and differentiate yourself from your colleagues and competitors in a way that places you in a category of your own. The most successful businesses of the future will be led by smart, savvy and provocative women leaders who communicate masterfully and lead with radical integrity. They’ll also have the confidence and competence to wake others up to do the same.

What you learn and do at The Black Women Elevate Experience is going to help you take purposeful action towards all that you want to be, feel and do.
If you’ve been craving for the guidance to help you increase your impact, influence, and freedom as a Black woman leader…and you’re ready for more meaningful connections with highly-motivated, like-minded leaders…join us!

I can’t wait the Elevate with you!

Felicia Davis

Any Questions? Email us at hello@feliciaRdavis.com